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Welcome to Tall Tree Cottage & Retreat on Table Rock Lake - "The Quiet Side" of the Lake !

Tall Tree Cottage & Tall Tree Retreat Property Videos & Photos

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Both houses Preview - New for 2014



Tall Tree Cottage - 3BR/ 2BA - Sleeps up to 8


Tall Tree Retreat - 2BR / 2BA - Sleeps up to 6

** GoogleEarth FlyOver requires you have Google Earth software intalled on your computer. Click here for Tall Tree Retreat & Cottage FlyOver Video, select "open with Google Earth" . Note that file opens under Temporary Places folder in Earth viewer program. Select our file and then press the Play Tour icon to start tour (icon looks like a folder and play button). We recommend viewing with "3D Buildings" selected in the Layers view of the Earth viewer for full effect of area.

Below are the most current photos of Tall Tree Cottage & Tall Tree Retreat.

"Retreat Yourself !"





Tall Tree Cottage Pics

Tall Tree Retreat Pics








Sleeps maximum of 8 persons

Need room for up to 14 persons ? Rent both homes with a 10% discount on base rent for BOTH !

NOTE: Tall Tree Retreat was originally referred to as "Tall Tree Cabin"


























TALL TREE RETREAT (originally known as "Tall Tree Cabin")- EST. 2008

Sleeps maximum of 6 persons

Need room for up to 14 persons ? Rent both homes with a 10% discount on base rent for BOTH !

























Phase I - Ground breaking and Foundation : March 1st - March 30, 2007 (.pdf slideshow format)

Phase II - Rough-In Framing- First Floor : March 30th - April 9th, 2007 (.pdf slideshow format)

Phase III - Rough-In Framing-Second Floor : April 10th - April 18, 2007 (.pdf slideshow format)

Phase IV - Final Rough In - pre Windows / Doors : April 19 - May 11, 2007 (.pdf slideshow format)

"Topping Off" Party -- Framing Completed -- Celebration of the" Spirit of the Tree" (May 1st approx)
Read Article on the tradition of "Topping Off" new construction...

Complete View from Start to Finish (Almost anyway)--- (Large File) March 1st -July 1st,, 2007

Check out these special pics of our "lakefront" cottage here (these are pics of the April 2008 record flooding of Tablerock Lake and the White River Basin) - normal lake level is 915 MSL and these pics are taken with water at 933.1 MSL and still rising -- broke the all time record in 1962 of 932 ft ! As of August 1st, 2008 the lake is almost down to normal with water levels at 921 MSL and dropping about .33 ft per day on average.


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